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A hit and run offense is the failure to perform a duty following an accident.

According to California Vehicle Code Sections, 20001, 20002, & 20003 in the event of an accident, all drivers are required to:

  • Immediately stop at the scene of the accident
  • Provide reasonable assistance to any person injured in the accident
  • To provide the other driver, or police officer at the scene, all of the following information:
    • Name and current address
    • Registration number of the vehicle he or she was driving
    • The name and current address of the owner of the vehicle it is not his or her own
  • If there is no police officer at the scene, then it must be reported to the California Highway Patrol or other Police Agency without delay

These duties are required no matter who is at fault. Therefore, if a person is in an accident that he or she did not cause, they are still required to perform those duties. If you’ve been accused of not performing your duty, call our San Diego criminal defense attorney today at (619) 473-5662.

Defenses to Hit & Run

There are a number of potential defenses, some of which include:

  • It was not safe to stop immediately at the scene. Perhaps the other driver was angry and threatened bodily harm. Or, the scene was made dangerous by other fast moving cars and it was necessary to drive to a safer spot.
  • The driver was not aware that a collision even occurred.
  • The person accused of was not the actual driver. In other words, a misidentification.

Hit and run can either be charged as a felony or misdemeanor:

  • Felony charges occur when there is an injury
  • Misdemeanor hit and run is when there is only property damage

Why Hire The Law Offices of Timothy J. Richardson?

Our San Diego criminal defense attorney has handled hundreds of hit and run cases for over 20 years with outstanding success. If you have been charged, Mr. Richardson and his legal team are the wise choice to represent you.

Don’t settle for a firm who wants only to plead you out. Our criminal defense lawyer in San Diego will provide you with a vigorous defense. Call (619) 473-5662 today to schedule your free consultation.


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