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  • Do The Police Have To Read Me My Rights?
    Miranda The process of the police “reading a suspect’s rights” is known as the Miranda Warning, or Advisal. It is very often seen on police television ...
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  • Could Changing a Diaper Be a Crime?
    In a bizarre ruling by the Arizona Supreme Court on September 13, 2016, any person could be convicted of child molestation merely by touching a ...
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  • Cross Examination
    In a trial the prosecutor will have people testify who were witnesses to a crime. When the witness is on the stand being questioned by the prosecutor, ...
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  • Description of the Criminal Court Process
    Arrest Most criminal cases begin with an arrest. After a police officer makes an arrest, he is required to complete a report. That report is sent ...
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  • The Miranda Warning
    Perhaps the most misunderstood rule of law in this country is the rule of Miranda. We’ve all seen it on TV, “you have the right to remain silent and ...
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  • City Attorney Missed Deadline on Dozens of Cases
    Dozens of cases were not prosecuted by the San Diego City Attorney’s Office because a deputy attorney missed the deadline to file charges. NBC 7’s ...
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  • Criminal Defense Investigations
    A person who has been charged with a crime should have an attorney who has on staff a competent investigator. Otherwise, the only facts that come into ...
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  • What is a Warrant?
    Warrants are documents signed by a judge that allows any police officer to arrest you at any time. There are two types of warrants: Arrest warrant ...
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